Hypertension - Let's talk about your health condition

What's hypertension?

Also known as high blood pressure, it happens when our blood pressure is above the limit. Usually a good value for this pressure lies between 120mmHg/80mmHg, or simply 120/80.

However, keep in mind that these values can be a little bit different depending on the person.

Some factors may increase the risk of developing hypertension, such as: history in the family, unhealthy meals, overuse of salt, alcohol abuse, diabetes and so on...


Levels of Blood Pressure

Measured by devices, your blood pressure can have a relatively variation and don't necessarily leaves normal levels, so always ask health professionals.

Check bellow more about different levels:

Commandments to prevent and control hypertension

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Websites o know more about hypertension


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American Heart Association

The America Heart Association is a organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Their website have a lot of informations to help you in your daily challenges.